Wednesday, June 23, 2004

We visit the Technology Museum where several frumpy women gives demonstrations. The famed "transparent woman", a plastic model showing internal organs, needs a bit of remedial attention.

One aunt-like woman gives gives classic demo of a cathode ray beam and bar magnet: introduce the magnet. Does the beam move away or toward the magnet? Fleming, Maxwell where are you? I should know this stuff from the top of my head!

It's a long way downFoolhardy kids clustering near the edge We ascend the "wedding cake", sorry, Palace of Culture and Science.
We get to the viewing platform on the 30th floor on what is proudly announced to be a "Western European High Speed Lift". No dangerous old Soviet technology here.

(Yet more heights for me to endure! Matthew and several groups of Polish school kids took it all with ease.)
Chopin Palace on Water
Walk to Chopin park - very nice. The Astronomical Observatory we hoped to visit was closed to the public.

We explore Lazienki Park, and The Palace on Water.

Rebuilt wallOutdoor theatreWe check the calibration on the sundial in the park. It seems to be about right with plausible tabulated values of equation of time plus local time offset.

Peacocks strut around the amphitheatre in the park - tormented by the odd vile teenager.
Polish MemorialBoy SoldierThe Polish Memorial was sobering.

In WW2 People in Warsaw had enough and went for it. The Russian army stood by, while the Germans wrecked havoc. 

How far do you go before “laying down your life?”


Wedding CakeMermaid and child... anyway the beer's fine and there's some rather tasty mince dumplings. (I can still taste the grease as I write this!)

We board the sleeper train to Vilnius. (£48:40)

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