Sunday, June 20, 2004

ChurchillWe meet Irena at midday and visit the old Jewish district - synagogues and mirror image clocks. We enter the old Staronova Synagoga 'Old-New Synagogue'.

We take a tour of the fascinating Astronomical Tower. (A good head for heights is recommended: the stairs and ladders were not to my liking!) The tower, dating back to 1731 defined the Prague meridian, and was used as an observatory right up until the 1930s.

Afterwards we enjoy lunch at a restaurant Irena frequented when she was a student.

We visit the Czech Cubism Museum.

An eclectic mixWe say goodbye to Irena, thanking her. It's really good to have a resident show you around.

Matthew informs me of some old writer guy "Franz Kafka" who had a bit to say on this and that. I displayed my ignorance. "Books, read eh?"

(I am to read "The Castle" and "The Trial".)

StationWe visit the Robert Capa photograph exhibition at the Municipal House.

By the evening we're back at the main railway station, catching the overnight sleeper to Kraków, Poland.

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