Thursday, June 17, 2004

Bratislava CastleGraciaWe take it easy in the morning.
StatueTown HallI take a final look around Bratislava before we head of to the Czech Republic.

A solid wall of Soviet-era high-rises looms across the river. What a contrast to the old town. Gangster country according to the bandsman Matthew spoke to.

Why he should have known I don't know.
Man At Work

At the railway station we queue for our tickets. An Australian couple in front are rummaging for ten Koruna notes. Matthew and I intercede. The Real Travellers' code: "help out your fellow travellers." We offer the couple the difference. Much thanks is offered. (And it gets us to the head of the queue quicker!)

This generosity does not extend to beggars. Any requests are either ignored, or returned with Paddington Stares. (Matthew attempted to give some money to someone in Vilnius, but the would be recipient  ran off.)

The train leaves at 13:00.

Our passports are inspected as we cross the border into the Czech Republic .


Brno, Czech Republic

Cathedral of St. Peter and St. PaulSt. Michael's churchBrno is the second largest town of the Czech Republic, famous for its slender gothic spires and being the home of the Bren Gun.

The Tourist information office suggest we try the Hotel Omega, a 15 minute walk from the centre.

We forgo the castle. (The novelty of castles has worn somewhat thin.)



SkyBeer! Food! Brno is quite civilised: it has a lively centre, not just tourists having an evening out.

The locals certainly know how to snog! It seems that part of the Czech life cycle is making passionate embraces in full public view, preferably while clinging on to a parapet hanging over a 40 foot drop. (This seems to be a more general feature of East Europeans... they were doing public displays in Estonia too.)

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