Wednesday, June 16, 2004

06:00 start. This is really unfair to Budapest: we've spent only a few hours here - there is still so much to see!

We grab food from the hotel's buffet - the staff are helpful since we're early and the restaurant isn't really open yet.


Moored at BudapestPassing the Parliament BuildingsWe're at the dock by 07:00, having our passports inspected.

The hydrofoil is styled from something from the 60's, with solid Russian engineering.

By 08:00 we're on our way, Budapest soon behind us. My GPS measures its speed to be a steady 33 mph. The boat has a very smooth ride.

LockMountainsWe meet some Aussies and Yanks. English speaking travellers comparing notes... where they live, where they've been, where they're going.
"Of course the the Thames is far wider than this piddling stream!" I lie, referring to the Danube.

We sample liqueurs and "special coffee" at the hydrofoil bar. Unicum has an acquired taste - and that's being polite!

We pass through a colossal lock, just before arriving in Bratislava.

Bratislava, Slovakia

BratislavaBratislava is the capital and largest city of Slovakia.

Tonight we're staying at the Botel Gracia (47:63) The tourist information office charges 60skr (1) for the privilege of making the reservation.

The Botel is a moored boat converted to a hotel - never really a boat, but a purpose built floating hotel.

BirdsOwlThe Blackberry has been used to keep us in contact with friends back home.

Email GPRS was fine in Hungary with Vodaphone, but here in Bratislava the local telephone network "Orange SK" doesn't support the Blackberry's email.
StatueChurch with River DanubeWe go to an Internet cafe to check email. Configuring a Slovak version of Outlook with the Slovak keyboard with a missing enter key is a delight. We decide that wading through emails from home is "sad", and decide not to waste time in an Internet cafe again during the rest of our holiday. 
Indoor market

bridgeWe walk to the castle, but find it closed - the Band of the Army Air Corps from Middle Wallop are performing there for the local great and good!

Bratislava has several universities... there's a feeling that this place is not so much of a tourist trap as some of the other cities we had visited.

One of the many street side cafe restaurants provides us with good food and cool beer.

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