Sunday, June 13, 2004

Raining. Still!

We enjoy a good breakfast - continental style buffet with a good selection. (Every hotel we stay at during this tour we get a similarly good choice.)

We head off to the railway station to get our rail tickets organised for our next stop, Ptuj. (11:30 ea)

3D model3D ModelShops don't open on Sunday. I need a light, easy to carry rain coat! I've had enough of this "getting wet" novelty.

The city is quiet, other than the church bells. There are smartly dressed folk busy on their way to worship, no tourists. The place is fairly well shut up, other than the churches.

Finally we find an open coffee shop.  We're drenched - I need to change back at the hotel.

Eyes on forksRubble on 13th floor
A trip in the lift to the 13th floor is interesting. This floor is obviously being refurbished from scratch. All the interior walls have been demolished, rubble everywhere!
Railway platformWe catch the train to Ptuj. This is the first train journey of our holiday.

An immediate observation is how much wider the carriages are. The railway gauge is the same as the UK, but the distance between tracks is wider. (Loading gauge, apparently.) This means more room, and that means more comfort.

Ptuj, Slovenia

Town TowerKurent CarvingOur train takes us to Ptuj, an old medieval town in north-eastern Slovenia.

A short walk to the centre, passing by the Town Tower, and we book a hotel on the main high street.

Apparently real travellers don't use taxis to transport themselves from railway stations to hotels. (There is so much I have to learn!)

School Children sign River, castle and restaurant

The river Drava is in spate, flowing strongly with the recent rain.

Matthew and I enjoy a fish course at a German speaking restaurant by the foot bridge crossing the river.

We retire to the hotel bar for some pleasant Union beer.

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