Here's my diary of our East Europe Tour. (No, this diary is not intended to replace the excellent Lonely Planet or Rough Guides that anyone intending travelling should drag along with them.)

Here's the route Matthew and I took:

Location Date of stop-over June 2004
Stansted, UK ...
Ljubljana, Slovenia 12
Ptuj, Slovenia 13
Balatonfüred, Hungary 14
Budapest, Hungary 15
Bratislava, Slovakia 16
Brno, Czech Republic 17
Prague, Czech Republic 18, 19
Kraków, Poland 20, 21
Warsaw, Poland 22
Vilnius, Lithuania 23, 24
Rīga, Latvia 25
Tallinn, Estonia 26
Stockholm, Sweden 27
Copenhagen, Denmark 28
Esbjerg, Denmark 29
Harwich, UK 30

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