Friday 26th April


Cottage in BredonMy sister Judith appears. I make lots of involuntary owl hooting noises showing my dementia. 

"I'm moving house. I'm off to Ireland in September!" Judith announces.
"Cluck Cluck cluck" says Jolly Molly. Her babies are fleeing the nest!

Judith recommends a pub in Bredon Fox and Hounds. When we arrive it's empty but soon fills with the ubiquitous Friday lunch time office workers. Good food - beer 6X.


Gloucester CathedralJudith buys a replacement computer from a local shed. I'm there to give expert advice. PC World will do a maintenance agreement that covers the Republic of Ireland - so they get the business. After the purchase is made we collect Jolly Molly and head for Judith's home in Gloucester, within the cathedral precincts. 

Jolly Molly has a toddle around the building - she knows it well.

I help decommission Judith's old machine - we all know how tedious making backups is! The new machine is connected up and is left in a usable state. 

Jolly Molly is happy being with the Judith's cats. She adores them. She is amazed by the red laser pen / cat combination.

A fish and chip dinner and Jolly Molly is home by 9.30. 

"Too late to finish packing!" she complains.

Tough! Time would be tight. The next morning I arose at 06:00. We left at 07:30 and we were back in Northampton by 09:00.

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