Thursday 25th April


The series of bread loaves now has a new third member. Working with the expiration dates, 14th and 24th now have the company of 29th. Having so much bread to manage! It keeps her occupied.

The fruit salad is offered to me. "It's quite nice". It certainly isn't nice. Only the grapes appear recognisable. The dear surfer is saved from the picture of the rotting food being posted here: I would have to set this page to an adults only rating. 

The remains get fed to the birds. The robin, starlings and blackbirds all show no interest. I just hope the acidic pulp doesn't scorch the grass.

Abbey ArchEvesham

Bell TowerCooler and fresher, still we have sun.

Jolly Molly wants to go to Evesham - now that I've found reasonable access for her. 

2nd floor of the Abbey Park car park: a door opens straight on to the parkland. The transition is startling - a dark cold concrete car park with the smell of petrol and exhaust. Pass through a door and your immediately in a warm bright green parkland.

She appears satisfied with the park. A couple of rolls and fizzy drink she's very happy. 

"How do they make these rolls? They are crisp on the outside and soft in the middle!" Jolly Molly asks.

"They're fresh, Mother dear." I respond.


AbbeyOrganTewksbury Abbey is definitely worth a look.
Tewksburytouching soulsTouching souls is a monument set in the Abbey grounds near the refectory that serves a good dollop of crumble and custard.
Remains of CloisterTracery in the CloisterThe remains of the cloisters are so finely detailed.
Copper BeechTraceryTaking a holiday in late April is the right time to see trees in new leaf. This Copper Beech, residing in the Abbey grounds asks to be put on the web.

Landmark Trust PropertyCopper BeechThe Landmark Trust have care of the Abbey Gatehouse, one of the buildings that surrounds the Abbey.

Evening Meal

Return with Jolly Molly to the Beckford Arms. Some more of Goff's Jouster beer and to eat: chicken in white wine source. Very nice. 

They don't boil their green long enough Jolly Molly maintains.
"Of course," I agreed. "They should be nice an soft like you always cook them."

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