Saturday 20th April


I drive to Northampton to collect the old biddy. I arrive at 12:30, and I'm greeted by some Spam sandwiches.

"Never again." she said. "I was so exhausted last year, I said I'd never go with you again."

Now she tells me. This would have saved a lot of suffering for both parties.

She's now recovered and wants another trip!

I pack her many mysterious bags in to the car.

"Haw Haw Haw," Jolly Molly cackles, "Off we go!"

I choose a leisurely circuitous route. We'd be there in just over an hour if I went the direct way. We skirt around Northampton, Daventry, Southam, Morton in Marsh to Batsford Arboretum, where we have a welcome relief stop at 14:30.

We enjoy a cup of tea and scones at the arboretum garden shop.

We pass Cousin Arthur's house, and on through Broadway and Winchcombe to this year's holiday destination: Bishop's Cleeve.

Bishop's Cleeve

Pre-programming the GPS with the location of the house made the job of finding the house very easy.

Bungalow at Bishops CleeveWe arrive at 15:40 and are greeted by the landlords and are shown around. Jolly likes the sun room / conservatory. "What luxury!"

The bungalow is clean and tidy. The smart garden is weeded and the lawn immaculately cut. 

I explore the town. Not really the Cheltenham slum that I was expecting - nor really a holiday destination either. Maybe I'd change my mind.

There's a crop of supermarkets and local shops. The local book shop has the usual guide books - I purchase a couple and a local map. I was bemused to see text books on UML and amateur radio call books. The proprietor explains the amateur radio books; he's a G4 and the UML - engineers at nearby GCHQ use it.

Jolly Molly is now ready for her supper: fish and chips at the Royal Oak. An entirely adequate family pub with a pint of Tetley.

We drive around the town, with a clear view of the Malvern Hills, and she's ready for her "coffee before bedtime." 

Why does she have a stimulant before going to sleep?

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