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The Whole House

Snow at CATMarch 3rd 2006.

Jenny, Bernie and Nick sign up for the Centre for Alternative Technology's Whole House course. 


Course outline

Here's my quick course outline.


Introduction, tour, beer.


The authors of the Whole House Book imparted their wisdom. Practical knowledgeable advice from people that know the issues with green house building.

Talking into the night with fellow inmates.


Lecture 1 - "Get the insulation sorted - then get clever with PV, solar water". Introduction to new building regulations. Now you'll have to get in touch with your local authority's building control before you get stuck in with a DIY solar panel.

Lecture 2 - "Water filtration and pooh composting"

Bonus extra behind the scenes tour with Matthew.


A good series of lectures and enlightening conversations / experiences recounted / beer with other attendees. 

Keep in touch

I grabbed the emails of 11 attendees. OK, Stevie did the work in collecting them - I manage the list.

This gives us a chance to have "follow up chats". Nothing too onerous... where's our CDs?... got some photos to share...

Let me know if you want to be included.


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