October 2003

A day in Cambridge and Suffolk

Kings CollegeKings College

There was an item on Radio 4 today about "Counter Tourism". This is where the photographer goes to a well know famous landmark, and takes a photo 180 away. This gives a literal alternative view.

Here's some "Counter Counter Tourism".

I regularly visit Cambridge, ignoring the impressive buildings. I present unoriginal photos of Kings College.

Jenny and Phil tuning a top band aerial to 1.942MHz.A test with Bernie with the Whip attached to Phil's "van".Our plan was to drive to Jenny's boat and do a first fit of a whip aerial that Jenny had built.

Jenny and Phil tune it to 1.942MHz and attach it to Phil's "van".

A call to Bernie 30 miles away... seems good.

A photo for Andy - who's into pylonsOct 2003Ipswich

We visit at Fox's Marina in Ipswich, a boatyard near the Orwell Bridge.
Oct 2003Orwell from the Butt and OysterPin Mill

Pin Mill is an unspoilt historic hamlet on the Orwell estuary, world famous for barge and yacht sailing, the Suffolk Heritage Coast protected by the National Trust, estuary wildlife, stunning water views (very popular with local artists) and the Butt and Oyster, a 16th Century bargeman's hostelry.

The Butt is another name for the Fluke, a flat fish.
Butt and OysterThames BargePin Mill was the setting behind Arthur Ransome's We didn't mean to go to sea.
Oct 2003Shotley Lock GateShotley

The village overlooks the mouths of both the Stour and the Orwell estuaries. From the marina you can see across to Harwich and the Port of Felixstowe.

The square glass lock gate control building is deemed Bernie's Favourite Building 2003.


Oct 2003Oct 2003We watch the lock being operated. A yacht, its prop fouled, is assisted by the Harwich pilot boat back to the Marina.
Oct 2003Orwell BridgeA pint at the Shipwreck, and we are heading back under the Orwell Bridge.

Daylight saving time has ended: it's getting dark at 17:00.