A fun, relaxing weekend with friends.

Jack said it sucked big time, and that he was really pleased to be allowed to go home a day early.

GPS trail

Gav captured this GPS trail. The hatched line shows our route.

These pages

These pages were put together in a few hours after getting home. Nutters: if I've forgotten anything - let me know!

Maky provided several images. Thank you!

Bernie helped too.


Bernie has some photos and the planning page



Scottish whisky, there's no 'e' in whisky. Non Irish/Scottish malt drink is whiskey. Thanks Gav.

Future Recommendation

Surfer Tony recommends:

Try the Norfolk Broads Yachting Company. The yard is run by Mike & Jenny. Some of the cheaper boats are old and basic, the newer ones (Lapwing, Palace and America) are truly luxurious.

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