Monday, October 7, 2002

I rise incredibly early at 07:30. Bernie has checked the engine, and filled it with water. Gavin starts driving at 07:45. 

Jennifer sleeps in, she is undisturbed by all the noise. She's amazed to be woken up and find we are minutes away from mooring up. 

Back at the boatyard at 09:00. We unload, and hand over the boat.  

Very little fuel has been used. 10 of diesel. It's astoundingly cheap! I'm later informed that diesel is actually very expensive: it's marine/red diesel with no tax and costs the yard about 17p a litre. They then sell it to the unsuspecting public at about 50p a litre and we think that's cheap! Rip off.

There's fried egg on toast and coffee at Richardson's restaurant. 

Everyone is on the road at 10:30. To avoid traffic problems at Norwich, we return via Acle.

We're back in Cambridge at 12:15.

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