Sunday, October 6, 2002


Bernie and MackyA relaxed start. Jennifer makes breakfast for us on the boat. Egg on toast. 


I purge the kitchen. It is pristine once I have finished.  I relax for the rest of the day.

That's the good thing about having a large group of capable people. Everybody does their share - and then can be completely idle / relaxed / drunk for the rest of the time.


Oil SlickThe water is muddy, dark and cold, but there's no apparent pollution; no litter. The only oil slick we see on the water is after I clean the frying pan.


GoodbyeAndyAndy is to leave today - he is bound for Athens. Jack has school tomorrow so Jenny takes the opportunity for them to leave with Andy. They can travel back to Cambridge all together.

The party of 10 has become 7.

Will I let go? Will he get Wet?I play a game of "trust" with Jack before he leaves. This games involves balancing him over the quayside.


Under sailLots of them!We head east.

The other powered craft on the water pose little problem. We don't "burn up" too many boats. We're good at keeping to the speed limit of 4 MPH.

Craft with sails are difficult to overtake when you are following them and they are tacking. The rules say that power boats give way to sail, whatever's going on. If both craft are under sail, and the other boat is on a starboard tack, you give way.


Bernie Jon NickGavin and Rick work together on steering and navigating. The rest of us just relax and watch the world go by. (Mainly reed beds.)

St Benet's Abbey

Tower - an 18th Centry WindMillNuttersWe moor and explore this isolated old ruin.


We meander to the Kings Arms at Ludham. We enjoy Sunday Dinner. It's gone 14:00 but they're happy to serve us - if we can order quickly.

The Abbot ale and food is good.

We find another JPM "Who wants to be a Millionaire" machine to thrash.


Windmill - typical scene!AfternoonWe enjoy the late afternoon sun. It's cold on top without a coat. 
Inside the boat is warm - especially if the heating is turned on! 


Setting sunSt Benet's AbbeyThe afternoon soon becomes evening. Sunset is at 18:20. (Useful things GPS's)
Setting sunWe decide to moor within a couple of miles of the boatyard tonight at Irstead. There's the Angler Inn about a mile's walk away.
Maky looks onWe are moored at 18:30. Any later and it would have been too difficult to see! 

The Official UK Top 40 is playing: John Otway is at number 9.


Angler Inn

Most of the Barton Angler Inn is nearly 500 years old. It's in-between the villages of Neatishead and Irstead, and adjacent to the Barton Broads where, as a boy, Lord Nelson learnt to sail whilst staying at the inn which was then a rectory.

Pleiades Scampi and chips, starry sky, beer. Gavin and Jon are amazed by the number of satellites we point out.

In the pub is another "Who wants to be a Millionaire"  game. Do these games adjust their difficulty automatically to the ignorance of the locals? Some of these machines were a lot easier than others in different pubs.


Tonight's DVD

Tonight's DVD is Dogma.

The whisky bottle is almost empty.

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