Saturday, October 5, 2002

Engine Inspection

EngineGav gets shown the batteryBernie is most impressed by the engine. While we sleep he lovingly fills it with water. 

He checks the oil.

He examines its alternator, batteries and wiring.

Gavin shares his interest: it's the closest he is going to get to a smelly, oily motor bike for the next couple of days.

Ludham Bridge

On to Ludham BridgeLudham BridgeWe enjoy breakfast at Ludham Bridge. 

Gavin and Rick are happy to drive us there.

Hoveton Great Broad

RickThere's a footpath by Hoveton Great Broad. It's a nature trail, leading to several bird watchers' hides. Old railway sleepers are used as a walkway.

The trail is closed for maintenance, although obviously still used by birdwatchers. The planking has been removed from the footbridges. Some of the sleepers are dislodged and need replacing.


We journey to Wroxham. Although a pleasant enough town, we feel it's too noisy to stay for the night. 

Gavin collects food from a supermarket for breakfast on the boat tomorrow. 

We plan to moor in an isolated place. We want a pitch black night sky and quiet.

New Inn Horning

OK, the delights of a pitch black night sky and quiet were thrown by the wayside. There was easy mooring at the New Inn at Horning, so that's where we decided to stay. 

It rains.

New InnWe sample the food and beer at the New Inn. A satisfying meal, and a short walk later finds us at The Swan.

The Swan has a  "Who wants to be a Millionaire" quiz machine and a pool table. We make a modest profit on Chris Tarrant's quiz.


Tonight's DVD

We return from the pub - it's only 21:00, but we're really tired. 

"It's all the fresh air!" we complain.

Tonight's DVD is The Matrix

The whisky bottle is half full.

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