Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

The hotel shuttle to Star Ferry terminal is, effectively, a tour of Mon Kok. Since my last visit in 1994, when the Ferry Building was new, everything now have a used grimy patina.

We planned on doing the tourist thing and visit Victoria Peak on Hong Hong island, but as we get to the ferry building we saw the peak was covered in mist. So we abort, and start looking for nerdy gadgets.

Swedish Ship Götheborg

The Swedish ship Göteborg, a full-scale replica of historic East Indianman merchant vessel Göteborg, enters Victoria Harbour just as we scurry off.

The ship is on a two-year international voyage aimed at promoting Swedish businesses and culture.

Computer Shops

The computer shops are on Nathan Road. There's none of the dubious bargains as there were last time I was last here. It's a good excuse to buy some new toys...

There's a Sony Vaio that takes my eye...the salesman knows his stuff...inspecting dead pixels. (The latest Vaio is Vista "Premium Ready" - but you install at your own risk!)

Hong Kong Airport

The new Airport is really well laid out.

We explore as we have 3 hours to kill. Lots to do...buying...eating.


It's dawn - Laura collects us... good old Laura...

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