Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Travelling from Sydney to Hong Kong

SydneyA380A leisurely start - leaving the Hotel at 11:00.

There's an air of excitement - an Airbus A380 has landed.

Other than that - as a seasoned traveler there's not a lot to report.

I find a Sushi restaurant. A friendly waiter happily sorts out my fist full of random change.


Now it's bizarre to watch a film as you're being hurled across the South China Sea showing familiar scenes of home - Liverpool Street Station, Bishopsgate. And the Aviva Building transformed into the evil empire's HQ.

And when I'm not watching films I'm totally absorbed with a "Sudoku Xtreme" puzzle book. In fact the same one puzzle is yet to be completed. I'm not an expect player, and I'm arrogantly assuming that years of designing hardware with combinational logic will help.

It's a challenge.

Hong Kong Airport

... is all rather good!

Don Lau's Deluxe Van, an unregistered taxi, gets us to our hotel. (May be we should have queued for a regular taxi? May be we were ripped off?)

Metropark Hotel, Kowloon

Welcome to the Metropark Hotel Kowloon, Hong Kong, formerly known as "The Metropole Hotel". Add the last bit if you are tell a taxi where to go - there appears to be another Metropark....

Other than the duplicated name - it's fine!

We're soon enjoying our McPepper burgers at midnight, a few minute's walk from the hotel.

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