Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The weather really changes during the day. Setting of from Cowes on Phillip Island it's bright and sunny 29C. We cross the bridge to San Reno, and we're in thick mist at 19C.


Old Friends

Robin and Robyn live in Mt Eliza, on the Mornington Peninsula, almost in the clutches of Melbourne. We have a good natter, salad, and sketch out an itinerary for our next few days.

We're in a sweltering 34C in Mt Eliza.


Car deckBeltWe take the Sorrento to Queenscliff Ferry that crosses the mouth of Port Phillip Bay.

This is the shortest time I've ever boarded and got underway on a ferry. We park and get out of the car - the boat has already left the dock. No hanging about!


FlagThe 16:00 sailing takes 40 minutes. The crossing is calm.

On the water the temperature falls - now it's 21C.

Golden Chain

Proprietor's DamnMotelThe Golden Chain guide seems to come up trumps again.

My traveling companion, who is now a Gold Link Club member, is delighted with the motel stamps he's collecting - and the 10 % discounts!

I'm skeptical about such incentives, but concede that the motels are "not too bad" and you know what you're going to get.

The Bellbrae Motel is on the road out of Torquay almost in Anglesey. The proprietor bemoans the drought: her damn has dried up!

An oasis in the mundane

EveningFlamencoIt's evening, now there's a strong wind (30C) blowing up the sand. Walking on the beach is not too comfortable.

Torquay is a non-descript place. "Suburbia by the sea" is how one guide book describes it.

Finding an appealing place to eat was difficult. Just as we were to give up, we stumble on a very good Spanish restaurant, the Flamenco Cafe Restaurant, an oasis in the mundane.

Overnight, strong gales blow the poor proprietor's roses bushes over. What with her dried up damn, she's not having a good time.

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