Monday, November 20, 2006

Phillip Island

CowesHeading down from Seymour we head for Phillip Island, skirting the Melbourne suburbs. The two lane dual carriageways are busy, more like the UK, the busiest we've seen.

Phillip Island seems to languish for the Isle of Wight with place names such as Cowes, Ventnor.


PV!The Nobbies

Visitor CentreFence


GlassBirdsYou have to visit the penguins.

A bird will waddle along. Hesitate. join its fellows. wait. waddle on. (Who designed them?) Their bloated belly contains food for their partner and, typically, 2 chicks.

I have no picture to show you: the Little Penguin Police don't want any photos being taken. (Well it's pretty dark - and some idiot would fire a flash.)



Isle of WightCowesWe enjoy a meal at an Italian Restaurant, the Isola di Capri, near Cowes pier.

Our motel is only a few minutes walk away.

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