Saturday, November 18, 2006


BulldozerMotelI dedicate the image to the right to all inconsiderate buffoons around the globe.

He woke everybody up at 7:00 with his little bulldozer. (Every reverse manoeuvre accompanied with a series of bleeps.)

"A friend in need is a friend indeed"

Building Development

Developer signTimber FrameNear to Charles Sturt University there are new building plots for sale for rent - Hmmmmm.

FrameAlmost complete

Street lights with solar panels

Street Light

Street LampThese are grid connected - so the energy collector and the lamp are separate systems.

Grid Tied Solar Lighting


University Buildings

Earth RoofSolarThe Charles Sturt University has a fine solar heated water  installation. One has an Earth insulated roof.

Info on Australia


When requesting the location of a toilet, try uttering: "Where's the Dunny?"


At the university we saw a small whirly-whirly, a mini tornado. A spiral of dust, with litter and carrier bags going right up into the sky. 

The Coriolis effect does not determine the direction in which bathtubs or toilets drain. (One direction in the Northern Hemisphere, and in the other direction in the Southern Hemisphere.) See Simpsons episode, Bart Vs. Australia.


Twin City Motor innPlonkTwinned with Albury is Wodonga. (Albury is in New South Wales, the Wodonga in Victoria.) As there is rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne, and the two states, so there is between the two towns.


Nick's favouriteMothsA pub, complete with drive through, provides beer and conversation.

...anyway kangaroos are vermin.

There's thousand of moths going berserk in the floodlights

Melbourne is busy this weekend - so no point rushing there. (G20 summit and the 50th anniversary of Olympics held there.)

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