Friday, November 17, 2006


SheepNew LibraryCanberra city centre isn't that big. It reminds me of the City of London - all geared up for office workers.

SushiGlobeI find a wondrously excellent sushi. (A bit different to Red Rooster or Hungry Jack.)
ParliamentFlagParliament House

Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex

Deep SpaceDish

Now if they sold souvenir chunks of Heliax they'd make a killing.


DishDishThe restaurant sells flap jacks.
Solar CollectorSolar PanelWell worth the visit, especially if you're into this sort of thing.


We head to Albury.

On reflection the four hour drive from Canberra to Albury was a bit excessive. Looks like we're racing around, ticking boxes as we go. This is supposed to be a holiday!

We book two rooms at the Commodore Motor Inn on the main street.

We're in a lively town on a Friday night. Seems the thing to do if you're a youngster with a car is to pose by driving up and down the main street.

Defective silencers help your image too.

At least one dude took things seriously - the Ken and Barbie song plays from his pride and joy.

We find a good Indian. (I have tikka - good sauce.)

We learn about the exhausts and kids. It's the state line...Victoria police would serve a ban on NSW cars...

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