Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A sunny morning in Manly

PinesCourtyardBreakfast at the Periwinkle has that relaxed youth hostel feel. Go to the kitchen and help yourself - people lend a hand (some are staff - some are other guests.)

Southern Hemisphere

MoonThe moon - a waning crescent - is inverted. And most of the stars are unfamiliar too - Orion is there, but it's to the north and upside down.

Waratah Park - Skippy's old home

Skippy's old homeWe head of to see Skippy's home, but he's out. In fact the actual animal is long gone. Waratah Park is famous as the location where Skippy (the Bush Kangaroo) was filmed.

We should have booked first!

OK - we'll hit the Blue Mountains - they shouldn't be closed.



Colonial Style HouseVHF UHF TV aerialThe TomTom guides us around Sydney's suburbs. We grab a burger in Windsor - a pleasant enough place.

House prices seem to be around a fifth of those back home.

RooBlue Mountains

GlenBrook Tourist Information Centre is very good.

They suggest the Three Sisters Motel at Katoomba ($85) for tonight. It's a short walk from the popular visitor experience. "But see our kangaroos at Euroka Clearing before you go!"

It seems dusk is the best time to see kangaroos. They come out to graze, and seem quite unafraid.

OK - done Skippy - tick box. Next!


We find the Three Sisters Motel, and check in. We're urged to go straight to the sisters and see them as the sun sets. We waste time unpacking - and the rapid sunset beats us. (Here the sun doesn't so much sink as plummet.)

There's a decant Italian / European restaurant in Katoomba. We each order a generous seafood pasta.

Nearby there are two tables with six-formers and accompanying  teachers. They are all happily playing with dough as they wait for their meals. (The cook collects, bakes and subsequently returns their models.)

Now try getting the teenagers I know to do this! "What mental torture is this?" This diversion would be viewed with derision, followed by models of fine anatomical detail.

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