Sunday, November 12, 2006

TomTomWe're awake!

Jet lag and sleep deprivation is no more. A good night's rest and a buffet breakfast - and all is well.

The TomTom Go struggles to find where it is - the last time it was powered up it was on the other side of the world. It just can't understand what happened After an hour of internal confusion I insert a staple up its reset chuff. That sorts it - we're at 151.20413E, 33.88394S.

This navigation tool - lobotomised with a new map for Australia, and enhanced with the latest operating system - proves to be invaluable over our holiday.

Water TaxiHarbour Cruise

Tip: When doing the Sydney Harbour Cruise may I suggest you go for a boat bigger than a water taxi.

Hiring a water taxi to "cruise" the harbour is not recommended. Hire a big boat. Bouncing around in a small boat isn't comfortable - and doesn't help photography. (You spend more time protecting your camera from salt water than looking at the sights.)

Get a big boat - they cost the same at $30.

Opera HouseHarbour BridgeThe Opera house is stylish, and, together with the Harbour Bridge, are a must see.

Martin videoing photographers. Astromonical ClockDarling Harbour

We wander around the harbour, with a final a good look around Paddy's Market. This is the place to buy bargain tourist souvenirs, and we know we'll be leaving Sydney tomorrow.


Darling HarbourDarling Harbour
We finish at a splendid Italian restaurant overlooking the harbour.

The bill came to $125 (50.)  Pricy? No - not really. We'd agreed that for most meals during our holiday we'll slum it at KFC's and equivalent eateries, but to have missed out on these decent restaurants would have been criminal!

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