Friday, November 10, 2006

Short dayHong Kong

It's a short day. Today's only got 16 hours. We've lost 8 hours in advancing the time zone flying east.

We see daylight, but the terrain was unrecognizable. Either mountainous, or cloud covered.

The 12 hour flight lands at Hong Kong on time at 17:20.

Hong Kong OrchidsWe transfer to the terminal, and are frisked, and led a lounge to queue for the departure gate so we'd all be ready to back to the same aircraft and off to Sydney.

Sod that! Martin and I explore.

In theTerminalThere are shops selling memory for cameras. The prices are good.

I part with some money and buy some memory cards. (SanDisk 4GB ULTRA II and a SanDisk 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo.)

As I write this (six weeks later, while chewing mince pies), I have just checked the prices on a internet site. I'm amused / aghast that the prices are now cheaper than the Hong Kong prices!

We find a restaurant, the "Taiwan Beef Noodle". The menu choice looks good. Anyway, it's busy with locals. That's a big clue - it must be good.

One clear chicken soup later and it's time to board the plane, cutting it fine with a few nanoseconds to spare. We're the last ones back on board. Late, yes - but not "late" late. (Well, I'm normally very good about punctuality.)

We soon back in the air, destination Sydney.

It's nighttime: the windows reveal nothing but blackness. It's time to sleep.

A nearby child wails at 85dBa; its inept parents provide no control and very little acoustic muffling.

There's no point sleeping. I fight the flight entertainment system and pick a movie. "The Queen", a farce on the People's Princess. The film is a good distraction. (Note to self: bring noise cancelling headphones next time.)

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