Thursday, November 9, 2006


Good old Laura, Martin's partner, drives us to Heathrow. We're there at 17:30 - lots of time in hand.

It's not that we're the type of passenger that likes to clogs ups airports by turning up hours early. Fortunately both motorways, M1 and M25, were totally clear.

We grab a last real meal before the long flight. Chez Gérard at Heathrow offered an extensive à la carte menu, that included "the best steak-frites this side of Paris."

flight map


Take off was delayed by half an hour. We're in the air at 22:00, with the pilot assuring us that we'll be at Hong Kong in good time.

The HCI of Virgin's entertainment system does my head in! Agreed, you do get a good choice of movies - so, yes, it does its job - but the way you have to navigate the menus!

The flight map was broken. For the entire flight we were at Heathrow. (Well the plane icon was.)

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