Friday 6th April

Morning Tour

"Where would you like to go to today™?" I shout at JM, who can be a little hard of hearing.

"Revisit pussy and have some more of those nice fish and chips." (There you go Welsh Tourism Inc. Promote domestic cats and chippies and you're on to a winner!)

I change the rules to my private game. I now steer any conversations away from Foot and Mouth and see if its mention can be avoided.

We find Charlie and her owners at Carrag Cennan Castle.
Topic: Where we had been in the last week and where we were staying. Success

We explore south and head to Dylan Thomas' old haunt at Laugharne.
Topic at Chippy: Collecting mugs. Success.
I encourage JM to explore the foreshore - a well laid slate tile path leads by the castle and towards the estuary. 

That's it. Holiday is over now, and Jolly Molly can pack up ready to return home - but it's only early afternoon!

I leave her to pack her things, and I explore the local attractions. 

Gelli Aur Country Park

A couple of minutes drive from our holiday cottage is Gelli Aur "Golden Grove" Country Park. 
The park is closed.

Dinefwr Castle

The castle we overlook at Dinefwr is still closed.

House Aberglasney gardens

The Aberglasney gardens "a garden lost in time " is open. The house is being renovated, and the gardens restored. 

The house has been restored externally, and work has been started on the interior. One wing has been allowed to remain in a delapidated state. This makes an interesting contrast.

Topic: "Seven staff and lots of hard work, And hope things improve at Easter, what with this Foot and Mouth". Failure!

Tea and Scones are offered...

National Botanic Garden Of Wales

I revisit the National Botanic Garden Of Wales - now in sunshine. The staff are agitated: some dignitary and photographers have arrived in a convoy of Mercedes cars.

The staff are grateful in having me as the real genuine casual visitor.

Mr Blair reminds me to say that "we're open for business."


I slaughter JM at Scrabble.

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