Monday 2nd April 

A Wet Coast

The weather forecast for today was not for rain and mist. But that's what we had!


TenbyTenby look out! 2 hours drive and JM is with you. Coffee and sandwiches are obtained from a cliff top hotel. JM's happy. Her coffee is as requested and has a jolly good stare out of the window overlooking the sands and Caldey Island.

We return via Pembroke. 

JM is content and ready for her nap. There seems to be a pattern establishing itself. 

Speed Museum

Wolsey Police car - the only exhibit visible
Pendine Beach on a wet day

Welcome to the Speed Museum at Pendine Sands, famous for land speed trials. The building is shut! And a sign said it could not be entered "because of COSHE regulations." (Confederation Of Health Service Employees? I'm not sure what the connection is.)

Babs was nowhere to be seen.

TurbinesHowever, nearby there are a fine set of wind turbines with blades turning. These 5 little darlings are set on top of the headland overlooking the sands.


Paxton's Tower 

Paxton's TowerMeandering TywiPaxton's tower is open, unlocked and accessible, with nobody about. 

A spiral staircase leads to a room on first floor. 

From this vantage the countryside can be seen around, disappearing into mist and rain. The dome of the glasshouse is visible. The meandering Tywi river is swollen.

I must return when there's some sun!


I collect JM and choose the Golden Grove Arms public house for an evening meal. 

This is a family run inn offering decent food. Dead chicken for me and dead cod for JM washed down with the local best bitter. For afters: a lemon meringue. This food was prepared in the kitchen by Frank who then joined us in the bar. I could easily spend the evening there - but it's JM's bedtime.

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