Sunday 1st April

Hotels and Glasshouses

Flower in the National Botanic Garden Of WalesJM orders me out to get vital provisions: 4 of salad! "There's a shop at Llandeilo, be a good boy and off you go!"

The town of Llandeilo is not extensive - more a big village. The centre can be walked around in 1/2 hour. Has 2 Indian and 1 Chinese take outs. (So if worse comes to the worst I'll be OK!)
We're shutNearby is Dinefwr Park. This is closed.

I encourage JM to live it up. I book a table at the Cawdor Arms at Llandeilo for our midday meal. The proprietor is delighted - she had just received a cancellation so we would be most welcome. She goes on...

"Stupid people and their fear of foot and mouth!"

The good lady discusses ineffectual disinfectant soaked carpets, and the stupidity of burning animals. "Kill them and bury them in lime."

This is a "dress up in our Sunday best" sort of middle class place. However, the food's good.

I collect Jolly and she happily gorges her way though Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. I go notionally vegetarian with a pasta and weird mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes.

Why go Vegetarian? Two reasons - I'm not too happy about the way our animals are ferried about before their slaughter. Kill them quickly. But the main reason - give JM something to worry about! (Her baby's not eating properly!)

She ticks off a hapless waitress for "not speaking clearly and loudly." The waitress and I smile.

Before JM can misbehave further I whisk her off to the car and towards the National Botanic Garden Of Wales. "Ohhh! That looks like hard work!" and directs me to return to base for her afternoon snooze. Her habits must not be disrupted.

The main drag through Llandeilo

Bridge over the river Tywi

River Tywi

National Botanic Garden Of Wales


3D art



I return to the National Botanic Garden Of Wales. The largest single span glasshouse in the world.

There is no "hard work" as JM imagined. There's a cheerful man with a cheerful covered carriage electric cart that could ferry JM wherever she wants.

I decide to pay for a year's membership. I know I'll be returning during the week. More opportunities as the light, and my photographic mood, changes. 

A grey drizzle descends from the mountains, masking Paxton's tower. It starts to rain. I head towards the main attraction, the glasshouse.

FlowerThe glasshouse is open. A very calm place. And it's warm and dry. The climate emulates a Mediterranean environment. Four world regions are displayed: Mediterranean, California, Chile, and South Australia.

Not hot and humid as a tropical butterfly house, but it did make me think: "Why Wales for a holiday when I could go to warm places like America or India?" The quiet rustling of the ventilation mimics crickets and "putchees" adding to the illusion.

The place is not exactly crowded! I saw 2 other visitors. The structure concrete, girders glass are very effective. Curves - blends with nature.

The rest of the gardens were closed - plenty of foot and mouth precautions. The restaurant and shop were also closed.

However, I'm satisfied. The place is interesting and geared up to get kids thinking about their surroundings. 

Carreg Cennen Castle

The castle is well sited on a rock cliff crag. Destroyed in 1462 by 500 men as the place was used as a stronghold by robbers and other villains. 

Tea and flap jacks served too!

Carrag Cennan


Jolly Molly has prepared an evening meal. A vegetarian salad and dead pig pie. I soundly beat JM at Scrabble. That will teach her for asking to play me!

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