Saturday 31st March

We're off!

Grab cameras and toys still unpacked from Iceland, and load up car. 

Collect Jolly Mollie from Northampton at 10:00am. 

Non politically correct Jolly starts singing "Taffy was a thief...."
I will not complete this rhyme - it is not to be repeated or encouraged - just noted.

We drop in for a surprise visit on my sister Judith at Gloucester. Her cats greet me and Maud asks to be severely stroked. JM is topped up with a sherry and has a good look round - a jolly good nose.

After dinner we chat and leave at 2:00pm. We blindly follow the A40 to Llandeilo. This is a picturesque route but tedious to drive. Note for return journey: use the M4 - it's quicker!

The Killing Fields (The Silence of the Lambs)

The only evidence of the Foot and Mouth cull we were to see this holiday was at Sennybridge, a small town on the A40 between Brecon and Llandovery. Not that there was much to see - a swarm of police, and farmers' Landrovers. 

A handful of protesters with placards with the above film titles encouraged support from the passing motorists.


Is this the correct spelling of Llandeilo?

The Base

Our home for a week


The whole countryside is littered with these yellow flowersOur cottage is near Llandeilo. I'm pleased that I'm not the only one hazy with Welsh spelling.

We're welcomed by Mrs McLoughlin, our landlady. The warning is reiterated - don't go near our livestock!

Where are we? OSGB grid ref: SN 60344 20951

The accommodation is clean and adequate. The place is a converted barn - warm and fine for sleeping. 

The main lounge windows face on to a quiet view of Dinefwr castle. Wheeling black birds dart around the distant turrets.

No light pollution here. At night it is dark, save for the waxing crescent moon, and many stars. At home home I'm lucky if I can make out Orion.

We have an ideal base to explore West Wales.


I get a "take out" from the Great Wall in Llandeilo and introduce JM to oriental food.

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