Friday, October 29, 2004

Pooh Sticks

Steam ideal for Pooh Sticks Jennifer, Bernie, Mathew and I walk up the rising land behind of rectory. There’s a stream flowing down – we play pooh sticks on a bridge.

Quad Bikes, Machynlleth

Biker Gavin is keen to go quad biking. The Nutters, visit Beiciau Madian Quads for an hour's trek.

Good fun.  I soon get the hang of it after the first couple of laps. 5 Speed gears, automatic clutch.

There’s several circuits to take. Some are simple for the novices. The best circuit is one that runs along a stream through a wood.




Rick at home in Offy We descend on poor old Dolgellau.

We enjoy and evening pint, and raid the local off-licence.

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