Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Cymer Abbey

Snowdonia National Park
Rick and I head off to the nearby Abbey in Llanelltyd. We can’t actually go inside the grounds.

Although it’s closed for maintenance, the ruin is easily visible from the neighbouring farm.

I Am Not A Number

Black Sheep

The afternoon sees the Nutters heading off to Portmeirion, where the 1960s cult TV series The Prisoner was filmed.

Matthew and I head over early: we intend to do some exploring. We work well as a team: Matthew navigates; I drive the vehicle responding to the instructions he barks out.

Matthew does not approve of my Tom Tom Go. "Yet another piece of modern periphery that removes a basic skill. Everybody should be able to read a map!”

We take a detour through Blaenau Ffestiniog. Lots of mountains around here. Excellent scenery!


Where to cross?

We're soon at Portmeirion. Painted buildings and specimen trees are not within Jack's gamut of interest. Muddy streams are. I goad Jack into jumping across a muddy stream on the sands at the foot of the village. Jumping onto the sands was successful. Jack happily explores the sands. But jumping back – no: he slips.

I'm requested to take a muddy teenager back in my car.

“What do you think to the holiday so far, Jack?”
“It sucks big time.”
“So you’ll be doing a web write up. Shall I get you the domain”
“It’s probably already taken!”

Matthew, the then not quite so muddy Jack, and I head back, taking a scenic route over mountains. There are steep narrow lanes to drive up. The view is clear enough to see the mountains in Ireland. I'm greeted by several sheep at the summit.


Return jump
Harlech Castle We stop off at Harlech Castle. Harlech Castle




Phil shows us a card game Trader - pit bull. It involves lots of shouting. I win a round!

Then it’s time for Risk, Rick’s favourite game. Rick teaches Si and Matt the rules. I observe, making the odd considered comment. The boys pick up the rules rapidly.

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