Friday 22nd February


Rise at 9:00
Breakfast, pack, strip bedding, sort laundry, clean up doggy foot prints and leave at 11:15,  a tad late. We meet the cleaner arriving to prepare for the next guests. She's delighted with the efforts we made to prepare the place for her.


Robert BurnsDumfriesWe take a break on our journey home. 

We are in Robert Burn's country and have lunch at a small cafe in Dumfries. Yet more good food! 

A sudden blizzard blows in, and we think it's time to get going.

We say farewell to Laura and Andrew, who make their way to Milton Keynes.


Rick and  I share the drive back There's strong sunshine mixed with gales and heavy rain.

We see lorries that have been blown off of the motorway. We're really fortunate with the weather - sunshine on the motorway, with rain and snow falling on the surrounding hills and mountains. 

The following day there were heavy snow falls and roads were blocked.

The BBC states: "As drifts up to 20ft deep formed many roads in the country were closed and heavy falls also brought routes in the north of England to a standstill."


We're back in Cambridge at 20:00. How wonderful to be back in the Fens. No bloody mountains to get in the way!

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