Tuesday 19th February


Aerial. 40 metre dipoleBernie erects a short wave aerial for 40 metres - talks to Jenny in Cambridge. "5 9 plus."
Amateur radio works, but cell phones are very patchy and unusable. The RF engineers amongst us seemed to coax some life out of them. This involves holding the phone well away from the body, so the aerial is not obstructed, and shouting at the thing.

Jenny wants pictures now! I take a couple, and Gavin uploads them to his web server. This is all we can provide: the data rate is slow, 600 bytes per second!


Jennifer at PortpatrickToday it is wet! Today is a day to stay in the dry. We drive to Portpatrick, and at The Crown enjoy yet more good Scottish pub food.

We wander over to the harbour.

A huge wave - we all get splashed - Gavin gets a good soaking..

On the road back a sign says "smoke room".  Not related to anything in Amsterdam, but a factory and shop selling smoked salmon. We stop by and give them some business.

Gavin poses......then......a wave...
...comes......crashing in and gets us all bloody wet!

We return home via Stranraer, stopping at Safeway's to collect ingredients for tonight's meal, and sundry nibbles.  The weather had really set in. We drove back along the wet and windy coast. The rough, turbulent sea was impressive.

Evening Meal

Laura cooksCurryLaura prepares 2 large saucepans of veggie curry for our evening meal.



RickGavinJenniferJennifer, Rick, Gavin, Bernie and I battle it out with Risk 2110

5 hours later Rick is declared the winner.

There was some disgusting collusion with Gavin.


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