A happy customer reports

Updated March 2003

In August 2001, I posted a letter here giving a negative report on the management at Nelson Head at Horsey.

Now, March 2003, I'm delighted to update this page with a positive report:

Dear Nick

I was just reading the article "An unhappy customer reports" and I felt it was necessary to contact you.

I'm doing this as the management of the Nelson Head at Horsey has changed since the incident that was mentioned in the report. 

So I feel, with all due respect, that the article should now be removed. 

I am saying this not because I am trying to tell you what to do, but because the new management do an excellent job and your article has such good web presence. 

Due to the position the (now out of date) article has in search engines it could damage the excellent reputation of the new management. 

The present management provide excellent food and beer in a wonderful environment.



Visit the pub - Jolly and I liked it!