Thursday 6th April


Woken at 6:30 am by Jolly Mollie singing. B flat minor key of “Joy to the World” or something! and Jolly Mollie is beside herself with joy! Her baby is back and the sun is shining. 

Yes, the sun has returned. The weather forecast reported later that Hunstanton enjoyed 12 hours of sun today. This is an excellent day to be out.

Take Jolly Mollie for a long drive along the coast westward.

Chocolate Box (copyright N Hubbard, April 2000) We stop by a “Chocolate box” windmill at Cley Next The Sea.

Half day closing in Wells Next The Sea. "How Quaint." This is just a minor irritation. The Sheep Skein on the quay provides a beer. The neighbouring Fish and Chip shop provides a first-rate freshly cooked cod and chips. 

A very clear day – the land surrounding the Wash and even Skegness in Lincolnshire is visible from Hunstanton. (OK I was using a 300mm lens with a 2 x converter as a telescope…) 

We travel as far as Heacham, a popular holiday spot of my childhood, famous for its lavendar.

That evening I was at the beach at Weybourne. Excellent photo opportunities! Sunset, fishermen, people running, crashing waves, crescent moon in earthshine. No camera with me. Buffoon!

“The Ship” at Weybourne pours a good IPA and Abbot.

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