Tuesday 4th April

Tea with the Rector

Weather worsens. Well what do you expect – it's barely spring! So I’ll stop whinging. In fact taking a holiday this early in the year is excellent: there are no crowds! All the car parks are empty. Pub and restaurant owners are relaxed – pleased to see some custom. So I'll stop complaining.

Weather becomes more dramatic. Heavy sleet showers, 2°C, very bleak, but our accommodation is warm.

Today's mission: we arrange to meet the current rector of Wickmere, the Revd David “seven churches” Hares.

I take Jolly Mollie, via Blickling (Well known Elizabethan House) and the Walpole Arms, Itteringham (Fire, ginger cat and beer, and Norfolk sausages in mash!) to see the good man. [Blickling is due a revisit:  there is a tenuous link with the Hubbard family.]

Rectors My father, Jolly Mollie’s husband, was responsible for 2 parishes in 1953 (Wickmere and Little Barningham). The present incumbent now has an extra five. All churches are used every Sunday. We chat about clip art, colour scanners, the internet, the future of Bill Gates. His church newsletters have colour. It’s great to see current technology in use here! 

Jolly Mollie enjoys a cup of tea and the friendly chat. She doesn't know the difference between a UAE and a Dr. Watson log. She's got sense!

Here's a question I was posed: "Where do you get retired PC’s that are adequate for use by students overseas?"

Wickmere tomb With acquired key, I returned to Wickmere church to look around the interior. I felt weird in such an isolated place, with howling gale and sleet outside.

The evening sees us eating Gill’s Fish and Chips, and playing Scrabble®. This is a tedious game that should be computerised and then forgotten. Still, Jolly Mollie thrashed me…

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