Monday 3rd April 

A raw north easterly wind blows in

The locals and the map makers obviously didn’t get on. The seaside resort of Cromer is pronounced Croomer. Hunstanton, Huns-ston. Cley Kl-eye. This is just a minor irritation.

So to Croomer. Budgens, the supermarket, has a presence there. The locals wander around it in a daze. Pushing trolleys, looking for shopkeepers at the end of each row. I bought some “modern” food. None of that post war austerity luncheon mechanically recovered meat for me!

Now we had a “nice” salad meal with Jolly Mollie. You know - like we normally eat these days. Pleasant, fresh, inventive, spicey….

The holiday weather sets in. A raw north easterly wind blows in of the sea.

WickmereI drive of to Wickmere to get some moody shots of the church. Successful ones too! I said moody shots - I mean taking photographs using 800 ISO print film. Sunny 16 rule. Pah! Murky 2.8 rule. 

Looking up Sunny 16 on a web search engine may be interesting. Ignore what you read there. Sunny 16 is a rule of thumb used by photographers. The rule states that a sunny scene can be exposed with an aperture of f16 with a shutter speed set to the reciprocal of the film speed. 

Get used to single track working – the unclassified roads are narrow! Norfolk County Council Transport (road signage division) has a policy of misdirecting traffic so car drivers avoid small villages. This just makes the roads more congested with tourists like me trying to find small villages.

Time for another whinge: Land–owners sapping villages. It’s mediaeval. Although everyone we met was cheerful – other than those looking for the shopkeepers at Budgens.

Investigate eating-place for Jolly Mollie. (Criteria: car park near the entrance, a short walk – no steps..)

IPAThe evening sees us at the Crown Inn in Sheringham. This pub is near the edge of the cliff in the town. The weather has now deteriorated to a gale. The high seas are spectacular. “Awesome!” exclaims Jolly Mollie. The pub is well insulated from the wind – and a couple of crab salads were served. IPA fine!

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