Friday 2nd June


Jack and a friend.Jack and I venture out to a small pond - a flooded quarry on the east cliff- called the "Rocket Pole Pond". Armed with bread, we entice the fish. They are really stupid - very easy to catch by hand. Jack's dilemma - hold on to and examine the fish, watching the gills gasping - or release it. A few seconds later - splash, freedom. 

We leave. No dead bodies were left floating on top.

Jack will work with animals when he's older - either as a vet or in an abattoir.


The Landmark holiday guide has a few features that need correcting:

Waterfalls - these are open drains running down the cliffs. You can hear the water gurgling under the bracken - but not the foss you get in  Norway!

"We do not exist"Puffins. "Over 60 breeding pairs exist" says the guide.
There are no puffins. 
Only stuffed, embroidered, printed on stamps, or blow up puffins exist.

This bird is entirely extinct. 

The last one was shot in 1922, and was stuffed and mounted. This is on display over the entrance door inside the pub.

Bernie's 40 something birthday.

The pub cooks us a (soggy) cherry birthday cake. (Personally I like soggy cake - the others don't.) Icing and a solitary candle complete the effect.

Back at the Quarters, Jenny cooks for us  - vege-burgers and mash - very nice! 

Jack rounds off the day singing  "Children; Children; Future;  Future; we are the future yea yea yea." or some such ditty. After a few hours of his incessant singing we send him up the road to get someone else to shut him up.

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