Monday 29th May

East coast amble 

Nick, Jenny and JackFramed JackThe east side of the island is gentler than the abrupt harsh exposed west side. 
We scramble up to the ruined Quarterwall Cottages. The roof's gone, only solid granite walls remain. 
Sheltering Jack sheltering with Laura and Andrew We shelter in the ruin during a sudden squall. 
Bernie doing something suspicious in the shack.Further along the path is a shelter. This is an old ruinous cottage, with limited repairs. Tin roof and glazed. A fireplace exists - so could be a real life saver if someone was stranded there in winter. I take pictures - my devious plan is to tease my sister, Judith, who has planned to stay on Lundy later this year. This is her place for a week. This is a typical Landmark Property. I'll show her pictures the damp floor and benches. 
(Laura astutely comments that Judith would be quite happy here also.)
Fragmented group with in front of bird trap.We come across a peculiar bird trap - used for monitoring the bird population we guess. There's a large open wire-netting funnel one end, with a small wooden box the other to grab the retched trapped bird. There's a window set in the box, with apertures for gloves. 
What kind of deviancy do these Landmarkees get up to? 

Boat Trip

An enterprising Welshman and his mate offer trips around the island for 8.50 a head. Bernie, Jennifer, Laura, Andrew, Tobias and I go for the 15:30 trip. 

We pair off. I walk with Tobias as companion down the cliff. We spy round the outside of Millcombe House (12 people) Potential to rent for another trip.

We sail on the Jessica Hettie up up the east (lee) side of the island, the boat slicing through the waves. Memories of the Oldenburg ferry came back - but we were toughened by now. No vomit today!

The boat stops near a inlet. A family of seals is inquisitive - 6 black faces bobbing up and looking at us.

The boatman asks how sturdy we are:
"Are we OK? Turn around?"
"No! Keep going!"

The tide is slack is at the north end - the water a curious flat calm.

Lundy is a tor  - a pillar of granite surrounded by the Bristol Channel. There are two small beaches, the rest of the coast is towering cliff. 

Devils SlideCastle The Devil's Slide is spectacular. This is Lundy's most popular climb: a 400 foot (120 Metre) slab climb and a true classic. 

An hour after we start we're back at the harbour. The weather has been ideal - lots of sun - we get burnt!


We conclude that the entrepreneurial boatman doesn't enjoy the hourly rate as a computer contractor. He can't be doing it for the money, and must just enjoy what he does.  

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