Sunday 28th May 

A late start

It's the beer, or the fresh air. I don't know! I get out of bed at 9:00 - that's late for me. Jenny hides in her bed all day - jetlag. 

To the Beach

Nina, Bernie and I test the beach. We walk down back to the harbour where we landed the day before. Although designated a recreational beach, it's not. Lots of rock pools, and stones to skim into the sea, but no sand, no amusement arcades.

Nina and I put on our knotted handkerchiefs and go for a paddle. The water is clear and cold. 

This was good - no crowds, no litter.

South Lighthouse

South lighthouse SV and wind poweredWind TurbineJennifer, Bernie and I explore the South Light house. Fine solid white admiralty building. The interior is like a Victorian vicarage and school combined - glazed tiles and large skirting boards. The functional light is now a small automatic device on one of the outhouses.

Forbidding signs saying "Keep Out", and "Private Property". We acknowledge these.

Bernie and I admire the fine array of solar voltaic panels. Free samples from the major manufacturers? Deutsch Aerospace, AEG-Telefunken, and BP Solar.

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