2nd July

Woke up late this morning so had to dash about a bit as we leave by 11am. We are sad to leave this place as it is up there with the Gothic Temple and Saddell as a favourite landmark house with the views and the peace and tranquility. 

We are going to Wolfeton Gate House near Dorchester for a few days too and Carole, Peter and Nick will join us there till Friday. 

WaterfallLydford Gorge

We have decided to go via Lydford Gorge as a lot of people have written in the logbook about it. There is a 3-mile walk that takes us all round the gorge and past all the waterfalls, which are stunning. Well worth the walk, which is very steep, and extremely narrow and frightening if you donít like heights like me! 

The Devil's Cauldron is amazing and has steep slippery very narrow steps, but is worth the journey as it is spectacular when you reach it! We had a late lunch there, then drove to Dorchester and our second holiday home, Wolfeton Gate House

Wolfeton Gate House

Wolfeton Gate HouseWolfeton, or is it Wolveton?This is a wonderful house too, large airy rooms and apparently the ghost of a catholic monk called Cornelius who haunts Andrew and Iís bathroom! We all arrived within an hour of each other and having settled in, we went to find dinner. 

A lovely little restaurant in Dorchester at 6 North Row provided us with lovely food and Old Thumper beer etc.

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