Building Regulations

Things have moved on a bit since I first put up these pages.

The solar panel was installed in 1999, six years ago.

New rules

Building regulations have been tightened up. From 6th April 2006 new regulations will come into play.

"The changes to the regulations on energy conservation will save a million tonnes of carbon per year by 2010 and help to combat climate change". Extract from ODPM building regulations overview.

Replacing a hot water cylinder is notifiable to a building control officer.  (Unless you're a competent person and can self-certify and issue a commissioning certificate.)

See the Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet  Section 4(s). "If I want to install or replace a hot water cylinder, will the Building Regulations apply? YES..."

Regulations to consider

Google for these phrases. Not limited to...

"Prevention of scalding"

"competent person arrangements for unvented hot water installations"

"replacement of hot water storage vessels and accompanying controls"

Replacing a hot water cylinder in now "Work on controlled services or fittings". See Building Regulations L1 "Conservation of fuel and power in dwellings".

Pressure Equipment Regulations  (Applies where the equipment could hold pressures in excess of 0.5 bar above atmospheric pressure.)

Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations Applies to all fittings in contact with the utilities' supply of water

The Building Regulations (G3) 2000 Applies to hygiene in buildings, particularly unvented hot water storage

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) - precautions to reduce Legionella poisoning.


Talk to your local authority building control. Here's Milton Keynes building control.

Construction Industry Council

ODPM Building Regulations

Building Regulations Explanatory Booklet

Pictures of CAT taken when I signed up for their excellent Whole House Course, which drew my attention to the new regulations.


This page was last updated on the 11th March 2006.