An Eco-day in Oxford

A day spent in Oxford, November 2007 at an open house event organised by Ecovation.


Ecovation are a major new initiative for people who have renovated their houses to a high environmental standard to share their experiences, tips, and contacts.

Weekend Event

18 houses opened their doors to the public for the weekend to share the techniques and opportunities of eco-renovation.



Here's the list of four houses we picked to visit: And that's not to denigrate the other 14! Out of the four we chose, three are walking distance apart, two have wood burners of some description.


Renovation of house and two story eco-extension in progress. External wall insulation, recycled triple glazed windows, super-insulated loft, south face solar windows, heat recovery ventilation, solar panels.

Hess Kincaid Leach

Architect's Website


Solar panels, grey water recycling, external insulation, turf roof, recycled and eco materials. Award winning project cut energy consumption by 60%.

Read the owner's book. Carbon Detox: Your step-by-step guide to getting real about climate change.

The Yellow House (Owners) Website

THE YELLOW HOUSE - Guide notes


18th century listed villa

Renovation in progress in an 18th century listed villa with wood pellet heating, rainwater harvesting, insulation and heat exchange ventilation unit

Please note, that this is a building site and not terribly accessible, welly boots recommended in wet weather...!

Polly's (the Owner's) website

Self-Regulating Trace Heating Cable (12 w/m at 70 deg C)


17th century cottage in conservation area with wood boiler; breathable eco-insulation systems; under floor heating; thermal mass to store heat; solar panels; and advanced eco materials.

See case study - 17th century cottage

Sustainable Energy Academy

Heraklith Woodwool Boards

Hellfire Combustion Co


Photos taken during the day are here...

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