This file is located at c:\hotbox\hotbox.ini

There are 64 probe sections. Here is an example for probe 0:

[Probe0] Section name used by all applications
PosX=157  Graphic position used by hotbox
PosY=262  ..
Address=0000001314fc Dallas DS1820 ID
Visible=1  Trace displayed in display application
Name=Hot Water Name
colour red=250  Trace Colour Red value
colour green=5  Trace Colour Green value
colour blue=54  Trace Colour Blue value
Trim=-0.57 Manually entered. Used by HotBox, tempsvc to add an offset temperature

configuration settings...

[Comms] Used by Hotbox and tempsvc
Settings=baud=19200 parity=N data=8 stop=1  Comms port 

[Log] Used by Hotbox and tempsvc
LogFile=c:\hotbox\temp.log Default log file 
logres=200  Number of thousandths C change before a new record is written out.

[display] Used by Display
imperial=0 C or F if = 1 (Also changes Hotbox display. Note the log is always in C.)
CalcTransfer=1 Temperature difference calculated
PumpIntersection=1 .. with pump 
FlowRate=45 Factor for energy calculation in mL per second 
ColdProbe=0 Difference source 
HotProbe=1 ..


There are no specific registry settings used by HotBox, Display or Tempsvc.