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A.E.E. Society for Renewable Energy

(Arbeitsgemeinschaft ERNEUERBARE ENERGIE)
Self construction of thermal solar devices, renewable energy, biomass, solar-architecture, transparent insulation, natural sewage purification...

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C.A.T. Centre for Alternative Technology flagwales.gif (3144 bytes)
Futronics Power Designs Limited Designers and Manufacturers of sine wave inverters flagengland.gif (733 bytes)
Flamco Pressure vessel manufacturer. flaggermany.gif (628 bytes)
Grundfos Water Pumps A popular domestic water pump manufacturer. flagdenmark.gif (807 bytes)
ICP solar powered battery chargers Manufacturer of solar battery chargers, and other goodies. flagcanada1.gif (1232 bytes)
Instrument-net A resource centre and on-line directory for all interested in the UK instrument industry. flagengland.gif (733 bytes)
HOME POWER - THE HANDS-ON JOURNAL OF HOME-MADE POWER U.S. Magazine flagusofa.gif (1790 bytes)
McDonald Engineers A company that will manufacture hot water storage cylinders to your custom design.  flagscotland.gif (1251 bytes)
Navitron Supply good quality, low-priced renewable energy systems. Their mission is to demonstrate that green energy is genuinely viable. flagengland.gif (733 bytes)
NEF Renewables NEF Renewables is a department of The National Energy Foundation based just round the corner in Milton Keynes. 
Their aim is to encourage sustainable and green sources of energy by promoting renewable energy and providing information and advice.
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PicoTurbine US site providing plans, books, videos, and kits for renewable energy education and homebrew projects.  flagusofa.gif (1790 bytes)
South Midlands Renewable Energy Advice Centre The Centre acts as a focal point for all aspects of renewable energy in the South Midlands. It is pro-active, stimulating interest in renewable energy throughout the region, and reactive in responding to requests for information and enquiries. flagengland.gif (733 bytes)
THE INSTITUTE FOR NEW ENERGY U.S. based institute - good links flagusofa.gif (1790 bytes)
The Solar Design Company UK supplier and installer of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly heat & power systems.

Chris Laughton gave a presentation at the Centre for Alternative Technology in June 1999.  He explored the solar water heating arena from a commercial perspective - a very interesting, enthusiastic talk.

A demonstration Solar Panel was installed by his company on the C.A.T. site in Wales, 52N. Running hot water from this demonstration system at 70C at 6:30 a.m. was most impressive.

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Thermo Dynamics Ltd. Canadian company into solar thermal equipment. flagcanada.gif (1232 bytes)
THERMOMAX TECHNOLOGIES Manufactures Evacuated Heat Pipe Solar Collectors. flagni.gif (3144 bytes)
Thermospeed Temperature, pressure, humidity, electrical equipment and instrumentation for sensing, measurement and control are available from their on-line catalogue. flagengland.gif (733 bytes)
UK SOLAR ENERGY Society  The SOLAR ENERGY Society is a non-profit organisation. It is a forum for all those interested in the advancement of the utilisation of the sun's energy.  flagengland.gif (733 bytes)
Vilnis Vesma A specialist in utility management and cost reduction. flagengland.gif (733 bytes)

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