The Thermomax panel arrives....

Pictures of the Thermomax TMS20 collector system being installed.

test_cold.jpg (26170 bytes) Testing a tube on a drizzly, grey overcast,  September afternoon.

(This is  England! And isn't it typical.. This is the coldest day (15/9/99) since I starting that temperature logging project in May, and, yes, I do know, winter's on its way, and it will get colder, but it's still bloody typical.)


Test_warm.jpg (27166 bytes) Seems to work!
probe_bits.jpg (13238 bytes) Make up a temperature probe carrier...
probe_assembled.JPG (32847 bytes) .. that will sit in the manifold. (Not fouling the end evacuated tube!)
manifold.jpg (27013 bytes) Manifold and tube.
framecheck.jpg (22031 bytes) Checking the delivery...
location.jpg (43889 bytes) Site of The Final Destination. (Roof faces SSE, picture taken 28/8/99 local noon.)
location.jpg (43889 bytes) Removal of tiles. This is the Planning and seeing what's there stage. Battens are lifted and the flexible stays are sited over a rafter. This sites the right-hand runner over a ridge in the tiles.

We will not be so lucky with the left-hand runner. The intended rafter sits under a tile trough - so a 2" sleeper will placed next to that rafter, and the left-hand stays attached to the sleeper.

location.jpg (43889 bytes) Grinding a slot. The stay will now protrude between the tiles  without making the tiles sit unevenly.
location.jpg (43889 bytes) Granny, Auntie Emma, Uncle (Nasty) Nick, Matthew and Elliot, & "Nice Nick". (I'm the one in the blue top sitting on the rug.)
location.jpg (43889 bytes) Probe in situ. (Note the deliberate error! - The probe should be entering the manifold, not the pipe.)
location.jpg (43889 bytes) Stop talking and get on with it!
location.jpg (43889 bytes) The frame bolted down! - After 10 hours work!

The right-hand sits over a rafter and a line of tile ridges - that was easy to line up!

The left-hand rail was more of a problem. This sat over a rafter that did not line up with the tiles' ridge. A cheek extension - a 2" by 3" timber - was attached to the rafter - and the rail attached to the extension. (This involved a morning's time hacking out a noggin, opening up the felt to slide in the new timber, bolting it in, replacing felt....)

location.jpg (43889 bytes) And on the sunniest day in three weeks, the tubes go in!

(2nd October 1999) 

location.jpg (43889 bytes) Andrew tries an Arty Shot.. (Whatever, the rafter and rail alignment can be seen. )Feb 2001
location.jpg (43889 bytes) The first morning's results! The sun hit the panel at 7.30 GMT. Peaked at  11:15 GMT. Rain PM!

The vertical scale is in C.

Colour code: Coil feed, Coil return, Cylinder

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