We needed to get our hands on some silver solder, suitable flux, and black glazing mastic...

Powerflow Flux

Fry's 99C Solder Wire 

OK, Fry's 99C Solder Wire isn't silver solder, although that's what I asked the nice man for. It's an alloy of 0.45% - .9% copper; the remaining constituent is tin.

Arboseal. A black bitumen glazing mastic. (A sticky product that doesn't have a web page devoted to it!)

The Repair...

...was straightforward. Getting the parts to effect the repair was not so easy. Forget the DIY sheds - go to the specialist plumbers and glaziers. 

We failed to track down any silver solder locally. Instead we used 99C lead free solder. 1% copper, 99% tin.

Stress Testing

If we're going to have further failures, we'll have them now, please. We don't want failures when the panels have been mounted on a roof!

The repaired panels were subjected to some abuse. They were overheated with no water - then running cold water through. We also made use of some overnight frosts to freeze them up solid!

Steam Abuse Steam abuse. pouring cold water into an overheated panel produces an impressive amount of steam and boiling water.
Blue Sky The series configuration. The two final panels have been rotated to receive the direct sun an hour later than the previous panels (15). 

Further details to follow.



The construction weekend