Part L Building Regs et al

I'm pooling links related to Building Regulations and "Green eco" issues.

These have taken my interest...

Code for Sustainable Homes

Climate change is a serious and urgent issue. In 2004, more than a quarter of the UKs carbon dioxide emissions a major cause of climate change came from the energy we use to heat, light and run our homes. So its vital to ensure that homes are built in a way that minimises the use of energy and reduces these harmful emissions.

Code for Sustainable Homes A step-change in sustainable home building practice

Play the Part L Building Regs Game

Understand the various combinations of home improvements under the updated Part L Building Regulations.

Play the Regs.

Planning Portal - UK government's online service for planning

The Planning Portal is the UK government's online service for planning. Use the tools and information to find out about planning in your area and what development you can perform around your house.

Planning Portal

Part L - Conservation of fuel and power

Part L (Conservation of fuel and power)

L1A: Conservation of fuel and power (New dwellings) (2006 edition)

L1B: Conservation of fuel and power (Existing dwellings) (2006 edition)

L2A: Conservation of fuel and power (New buildings other than dwellings) (2006 edition)

L2B: Conservation of fuel and power (Existing buildings other than dwellings) (2006 edition)

Heat Loss calculation

Here's an example calculation of a house with a heating loss of 113.03 W/K

National Home Energy Rating

The NHER is committed to supporting the move to zero carbon, and currently see that the main barrier is the gathering and dissemination of knowledge.

The NHER's Zero Carbon Blog


THE LIGHTHOUSE: "The UKs first zero-emission home"

The lighthouse is a prototype conforming to 2016 building regs.

BRE Innovation park: tours and workshops

Visit the BRE Innovation Park and learn about the latest innovative technologies and demonstration buildings.


Wood fuel.

Micro CHP technology

Opportunities and Challenges of Micro Combined Heat and Power (CHP)


Inbuilt Consulting provides technical consultancy in the research, design and delivery of sustainable buildings.

Conventions for U-value calculations

This publication provides guidance on the use of the calculation methods used to determine of U-values of building materials based on various standards.

Community living

A final musing...

If houses are to be built in 2016 that only require 1kW for heating. (-1C outside, 21C inside), and the smallest wood chip boilers are rated at 15kW, does that mean communities will spring up with 15 houses around a shared communal Combined Heat and Power unit?


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