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Heat Transfer 
A Practical Approach
Yunus A. Çengel
(June 1998) 
William C Brown
ISBN: 0070115052
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An introductory text for use in a first course on heat transfer for undergraduate engineering students in their junior or senior year, assuming prior courses in physics, calculus, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and differential equations. The title says it: practical approach. Lots of interesting examples. Includes extensive tables.
A paperback edition exists. 
Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes
Duffie & Beckman
944 pages
(October 1991) 
John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471510564
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Many of the newest developments in solar energy science and technology are covered in this Second Edition. There is a thorough up-to-date review of solar energy principles and the functioning, design and economics of solar thermal processes. Convection and radiation, properties of materials, components, systems and applications to active space and water heating are discussed. Includes examples and problems of tabulated radiation data and conversion factors. Graduate course reference
Energy Efficiency for Engineers and Technologists
Eastop & Croft
432 pages
(June 1990) 
Addison Wesley Longman Higher Education
ISBN: 0582031842
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Date Published: 11/1990
Graduate course reference

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