Scope Drive Emulator

Version 1.03

This emulates the hardware interface controller connected to the telescope hardware.
(The hardware interface controller is yet to be designed - but some of the "C" in this emulator will be implemented in the PIC based controller.) 

Run this as a standalone application. The UI is adequate to experiment with the OI command set

The axes are displayed using 16 bit unsigned values. Origin at base, clockwise. Legend:

Lower End Stop
Upper End Stop

Screen Shots

Above: setting the NV parameters. (type "NV,2000,e100,2800,d700" in the command edit box then hit return.)

Above: requesting the polar axis to move to a123 by sending "OI,f,+,n,a123,b,,".

Above: The dish gets there. (Note: I speeded up the emulation.)

Above: Turn On the Tracking motor with "OI,p,,T,,b,,"

An Overview

The command is validated. If this is OK this is passed to the Controller emulation. A mechanical emulation of the scope drive responds in a real time fashion. (Speeded up real time is available.) 

The controller emulation responds to the mechanical emulation. e.g. a drive motor will be turned off if the target is reached. 


The following icons appear under the polar and declination axes. These represent the control signals driving the simulated telescope hardware.

Sidereal Tracking Motor Off
Sidereal Tracking Motor On
Slow slew motor Off
Slow slew motor On
Fast slew motor Off
Fast slew motor On
Brake Off
Brake On

Comms - Using Windows Hyperterminal

Uses 9600, 8 none and 1 as per spec.

Use no flow control, with local echo. If using Hyperteminal on Windows use Version 5.

This is a bit fiddly...

Menu, file, properties, click configure will get you this:

A menu, file, properties, settings, ASCII Setup will get you this:

On the drive emulator click the required port radio button.

typing "eh" <return>
will get you a status back.

Example with error. 


Note: the emulation doesn't handle backspaces!

Refer to the OI command set page!

Remember this is Version 1  - so comments please!


1.00 Release  
1.02 26/4/2000 Tracking Motor was running slow. Now runs at Sidereal rate.

Common Response Field 3 bit 4 added was added to spec. This is now reported. (The tracking motor running state.)

1.03 2/5/2000 The emulator fakes unsigned 16 bit shaft encoders. The DOS console, OMTDRIVE, is using 17 (?) bits. Interim solution is to add a "TurboTrack" check box to run the tracking motor at two times speed. This will be discarded when we decide how many bits we are playing with!

Fast motor speed now runs at 15 per minute - was 12% slow.

Added status icons to reflect the state of the drive motors and brake.

Garbage new line control codes would intermittently appear in the logging screen. This is fixed.

Here's the exe (1.03).